10 Best BBQ Chicken Recipes For The Grill That'll Wow Your Guests 

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1. Grilled chicken thighs with crispy skin and smoky BBQ sauce

2. Spicy honey chipotle chicken wings on the grill

3. Skewers of marinated chicken, bell peppers, and pineapple on the grill

4. Grilled chicken breasts brushed with a smoky molasses BBQ sauce

5. Grilled drumsticks smothered in a creamy Alabama white BBQ sauce.

6. Grilled chicken thighs slathered in a tangy Carolina mustard BBQ sauce

7. Grilled chicken breast stuffed with a cheesy jalapeño and cornbread filling

8. Grilled chicken kebabs with Mediterranean spices and vegetables

9. Grilled chicken thighs with a sticky Asian-inspired glaze

10. Grilled chicken wings tossed in a smoky and spicy dry rub