10 Best Low Calorie Chicken Recipes For Weight Loss

1. Saucy BBQ Chicken Thighs


It's fantastic over rice, pasta or potatoes.

2. Spicy Shredded Chicken

This easy dish is healthy, delicious and a definite crowd pleaser!




3. Spicy Orange Chicken

Five ingredients are all you’ll need for this fast and extremely flavorful marinade.

4. Chicken Cacciatore

I serve it with couscous, green beans and a dry red wine.

5. Chicken Brunch Casserole

Chunks of tender chicken add heartiness to this appealing brunch casserole.

6. Ginger Chicken Tenders

Add a few of our favorites to the mix like jalapenos, lime and fresh ginger.

7. Chicken Butternut Chili

Good comforting, hearty, tomato-based chili with bold flavors!

8. Grilled Basil Chicken

Serve the chicken with a tossed green salad and garlic breadsticks

9. Maple Thyme Chicken Thighs

This recipe creates a flavorful dish using boneless skinless chicken thighs glazed with maple syrup, fresh thyme, and cayenne pepper.

10. Chicken Fajitas

Easy Chicken Fajitas loaded with juicy chicken, bell pepper and onion wrapped in warm tortillas.

11. Basil Chicken and Tomatoes

Savory chicken marinates in an herby tomato blend for an hour, then toss it on the grill