Winter Fish Recipes - 10+ Warm and Delicious Winter Feast

1. Creamy Cod Chowder


Hearty cod chowder with warm bread for dipping

2. Spice Up Scallops

Pan-seared scallops with aromatic Thai green curry




3. Festive Fish Pie

Classic fish pie, perfect for holiday gatherings

4. Cozy Cod Cakes

Golden cod cakes with creamy remoulade for a quick meal

5. Mediterranean Mackerel

Mediterranean-style grilled mackerel with sun-dried tomatoes

6. Hearty Haddock Soup

Delicate trout almondine with a touch of elegance

7. One-Pan Halibut

Easy one-pan halibut with all the sides for a simple dinner

8. Smoky Fish Stew

Warming smoked fish stew with paprika and crusty bread

9. Caribbean Seafood Curry

Spicy Caribbean seafood curry for a taste of the islands

10. Baked Cod Provençale

Provençal-inspired baked cod with fresh herbs and tomatoes

11. Light & Bright Ceviche

Refreshing ceviche with citrus and avocado for a healthy winter lunch