10 Best Winter Melon Recipes. From Spicy Stir-Fries to Sweet Dreams!

1. Spicy stir-fry


Kickstart your winter with a vibrant medley of crisp winter melon, tender chicken, and fiery peppers.

Source - Omnivore's Cookbook

2. Comforting soup

Steaming bowl of winter melon soup with fragrant herbs.




3. Rich curry

Golden winter melon curry simmering in a clay pot.

Source - Healthier Steps

4. Light salad

Refreshing winter melon salad with a tangy dressing.

Source - Good Food Baddie

5. Crispy fritters

Crispy winter melon fritters with a cooling mint dip.

6. Tangy pickle

Sweet and tangy winter melon pickle

7. Healthy smoothie

Creamy winter melon smoothie with a hint of ginger.

8. Savory dumplings

Steamed winter melon dumplings with a savory dipping sauce.

9. Cooling granita

Refreshing winter melon granita with a hint of mint.

10. Rich halwa

Sweet and nutty winter melon halwa.

11. Sparkling candy

Candied winter melon slices glistening with sugar.

Source - Playing with My Food