Write for Us

Would you like to write a Guest Post for All Chicken Recipes? If you are a food blogger and think you have something delicious to share with my audience, send me an email about your idea: soumyadip {at} allchickenrecipes.com. And don’t worry if you don’t have a blog, you can still write for me. I’d love to speak to you and learn about your favorite chicken recipes!


Most importantly, the content of your post must be related to chicken recipes only (as from the name of the website you know). It may be a step by step recipe or it can be just like a blog post with story and recipe at the end. If you’re not sure whether your topic is relevant, please email me.

If you want a link within the article then there is a little fee worth $50 (any questions, we can discuss this on email)

Important: Please don’t contact for free guest posts because I only accept paid posts as of now.

When you write for us tt must be a unique post that has not been published elsewhere on the Internet, and will not be published elsewhere, not even your own blog.

No affiliate links please.


  • If you can submit your post in HTML, that is ideal. Just write the post in your WordPress blog edit screen as you would write any post, then copy the HTML code and email it to me.
  • If you can’t access WordPress, please submit a text document instead.
  • You must include at least 2-3 images of your recipe.
  • The text needs to be at least 400+ words in length. (Written something longer? Send it anyway and we can talk about editing.)
  • Please proof read and spell check your post. I reserve the right to edit posts before I publish them, particularly for spelling and grammatical errors. If there are many errors, I may send it back to you to edit again before publishing.


  • Images must be your own.
  • The better the images, the more likely I will publish your post.
  • Images must be 800+ pixels wide.
  • Keep in mind that I pin all posts to Pinterest so an image with your post title on it is great for pinning and sharing. (Not sure how to add the text? Try Canva, Picasa or PicMonkey.)


  • Please include a short bio and a photo of yourself.
  • Also, include a link to your blog.
  • You may also link to your favorite social media hangout – just two social media link please. Readers can find your other social media when they visit your blog.


  • I will share your Guest Post to all my social media communities and my Weekly Newsletter.
  • It would be great if you could share the post to your communities as well.
  • I’m sure anyone who leaves a comment would love to hear your answers as well as mine.

Drop me an email (soumyadip{at}allchickenrecipes.com) if you are interested!