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25 Side Dishes to Serve with Fried Chicken (9th is my favorite)

Crispy, crunchy fried chicken is something that pretty much everyone enjoys. From children to adults, everyone loves fried chicken.

However, eating only fried chicken might not always satisfy your appetite. If you plan to have a full meal with fried chicken, then it would be best to have some sides to go with it.

You can fill in the need for vegetables, carbs, and nutrients by adding a good side dish with your fried chicken. It makes the meal tasty and healthy as well as satisfies your hunger.

25 Side Dishes to Serve with Fried Chickens

Side Dishes with Fried Chickens

There are so many sides that go perfectly with fried chicken. Crispy fried chicken tastes great on its own. However, having some sides can create an outstanding combination. 

We have shared our top 25 picks that we think work best with fried chicken. Surely there are many other options, but we believe you will love these combos. 

1.  Mac and Cheese

The classic mac and cheese really compliment the fried chicken. The contrast of soft, creamy mac and cheese with the crispy and crunchy fried chicken tastes heavenly. You should definitely try it if you haven’t already. 

2.  Baked Beans

The savory flavor of baked beans compliments fried chickens really well. You can also revamp the traditional baked bean recipe by adding some beef jerky with it. Different beef jerky brands might add slightly varied flavors to your meal.

3.  Cool Bean Salad

Another great option with beans is a cool bean salad. This colorful salad is not only pleasing to the eyes but it is also packed with nutrients. Black beans, kidney beans, and basmati rice are perfect with fried chicken. 

4.  Green Beans

Green beans are the best option if you have no time and want a healthy side with your fried chicken. Only drizzle some olive oil, salt, and black pepper on green beans and saute them, and your meal is ready.

5.  Steamed Broccoli

Another healthy option to have as a side with fried chicken is some steamed broccoli. If you miss out on having your greens for the day, ensure to incorporate steamed broccoli into your chicken meal.

6.  Cherry Tomato Salad

Cherry tomatoes are another great side to have with fried chicken. It does not take much to prepare it. You will only need olive oil, salt, pepper, and some cilantro.

7.  Buttermilk Biscuits

These soft and tender biscuits create an amazing texture compared to crispy chickens. They are milky in flavor and taste really well with fried chickens.

8.  Coleslaw


Coleslaw beautifully balances out the richness of fried chickens. You can find various recipes for coleslaws, and all of them work great with fried or grilled chickens

9.  Mashed Potatoes

Another classic side that never disappoints. Mashed potatoes not only balance out the flavor of salty fried chicken and balance out the crispness with its mushy and softness. 

10.     Baked Potatoes

Baked potatoes are a very easy side that tastes wonderful with chickens. You can just put some potatoes in the oven and bake them. Sprinkle some salt, pepper, or seasoning.

11.     Potato Wedges

Potato wedges with fried chicken are an outburst of crispiness in your mouth. However, it is not overpowering at all. In fact, the continuity of crispiness with fried chicken but the change in flavor is phenomenal. 

12.     Potato Salad

Potatoes and chicken go hand in hand, whether a chicken stew with potatoes or fried chicken with potato salad. You can also add your preferred seasoning to your potato salad. 

13.     Crispy Herbed Potatoes

You cannot go wrong with potatoes. This is another version where the inside is soft, but the outside is crunchy. Crispy herbed potatoes are very flavorful and an excellent side to have with fried chickens. 

14.     Hasselback Potatoes

You can make Hasselback potatoes with both regular potatoes and sweet potatoes. Both are excellent side dishes. It especially compliments fried chickens. 

15.     Hush Puppies

Hushpuppies are a superb savory side dish that tastes really good with fried chicken. You can add some dipping sauces for some extra flavor. 

16.     Squash Casserole 

Squash Casserole 

You can serve Squash casserole with fried chicken. Moreover, it is easy to make in a bigger portion, and you can have the leftovers again. Fried chicken and squash go pretty well. 

17.     Sauteed Zucchini

You can cut zucchini into slices and saute them in olive oil, adding salt and pepper. You can also use some herbs. It adds some crunch and freshness to your fried chicken meal.

18.     Corn on the Cob

It is an effortless yet tasty side that goes really well with fried chicken. Put some butter and salt on your corn, and your meal is all set.

19.     Cornbread

Cornbreads add some sweetness to your crunchy chicken meal. It is a great side dish to be served when you are having dinner with family and friends. 

20.     Black Eyed Peas Salad

Black-eyed peas salad is packed with nutrients. If you want a healthy meal filled with proteins, this could be a great side dish. With protein, you also get some veggies. 

21.     Cucumber Salad

Refreshing, crunchy bites in contrast to rich, crispy chickens are something that is worth tasting. Moreover, cucumber salad is very easy to make. 

22.     Fruit Salsa

You do not always have to have vegetables as your side dish. You can have fruits as well. Fix your favorite fruits and make salsa to enjoy with your fried chicken.

23.     Kimchi

Kimchi is a Korean side dish made with cabbage. It tastes fantastic with fried chicken. If you are into pickle flavor, you might enjoy this one. 

24.     Fried Okra

Fried Okra

You can have okra in two ways: pan-fried with seasoning or fried with batter. Both are incredibly delicious and a great side dish to have.

25.     Sauteed Garlic Mushroom

Sauteed garlic mushroom itself is delicious. It elevates your dinner menu even more when you add this as a side dish with fried chicken. 


There is no rule on what you should have as a side dish with your fried chickens. You can find numerous other options apart from what we have shared. 

Yet we suggest you try some of these side dishes while having fried chicken. Share them with your friends and family, and enjoy your meal.

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